New York, NY – November 8, 2023 – The Wine Project by acclaimed photographer Marcos Alberti made a triumphant return to the heart of New York City, delivering an unforgettable evening that tantalized both the palate and the imagination. On October 25, 2023, at the renowned Iris restaurant, an elite crowd of food and wine enthusiasts gathered to celebrate the culmination of taste, art, and culture in this highly anticipated NYC edition of The Wine Project.

Brought to life by Marcos Alberti in partnership with sommelier extraordinaire Amy Racine and sponsored by Libbey glassware, The Wine Project 3 Glasses Later promised an evening of pure delight. The Wine Project, with its unique combination of photography, gastronomy, and the finest wine, first gained global recognition with its inaugural edition. This time, Marcos Alberti and Amy Racine invited guests to savor the spirit of NYC’s vibrant culinary scene, transcending the boundaries of art and fine dining.

The event featured an exclusive gathering of culinary leaders such as Alexander Harris and Michael Carter, beverage leaders such as Amy Racine, sommeliers such as Yannick Benjamin, authors such as Martha Cisneros Paja, wine makers such as Donae Burston, and Chefs such as Jean Georges, Shenarri Freeman, Camari Mick and John Fraser who came together to celebrate the marriage of flavors, aromas, and visual artistry. It was a testament to the city’s ever-evolving gastronomic landscape and the passion that drives the people who shape it.

The three glasses concept – capturing the expressions of guests before and after three glasses of wine – played a central role in immortalizing the emotions and experiences of the evening.

The Wine Project 3 Glasses Later was made possible by the generous support of Libbey, the industry leader in glassware. Their commitment to enhancing the drinking experience was evident throughout the event, with their premium glassware elevating the visual and sensory aspects of the evening.

In the words of Marcos Alberti, “The Wine Project 3 Glasses Later is a celebration of the senses and a tribute to the vibrant culinary landscape of New York City. It’s a reminder that when art, food, and wine come together, the result is pure magic.”

Commenting on the project, Amy Racine said “Marcos and I found each other by way of discovering his original 3 Glasses Project. I found it incredibly impactful, and was honored to work with him on a second 3 Glasses Project. This time, we featured impactful leaders in the food and beverage industry from all walks of life. We have leaders who don’t just make an impact in the world of dining and beverage but even greater good; working to provide jobs and education to refugees, disability advocates, people of different race, gender, sexual orientation, origin and so on. To have everyone in one room was remarkable. Each person has paved a way for many more to come and to create an even greater diversity in this industry (and more!) in the future. Marcos and I hope this project celebrates everyone doing the same and shows how a toast (or 3) can unite us.”