“In the professional world of photography, some photographers have relatively boring jobs, and take pictures of beetles for Wikipedia. Others, however, like certain fashion photographers, live the good life and take pictures of beautiful women for a living. But then, there’s a totally separate category of photographers who have really, really cool jobs, like Brazilian photographer Marcos Alberti.” Maxim Magazine

Marcos Alberti is not your ordinary artist; he’s a visionary architect, an accomplished film director, and a world-renowned photographer, with an unwavering passion for capturing the extraordinary through the lens of his camera. While his talents span a wide spectrum, photography is where his heart truly resides.
One of Marcos’s most notable achievements is his involvement in groundbreaking projects, such as the International Viral “The Wine Project: 3 Glasses Later.” This innovative endeavor took the world by storm, captivating audiences and leaving an indelible mark on the industry. With every click of his camera, Marcos continues to redefine the boundaries of visual storytelling.
The international success and media coverage of Marcos’s work speak volumes about his undeniable talent. His images have graced the pages of prestigious publications and galleries worldwide, resonating with viewers on a global scale. Marcos Alberti’s work transcends borders and cultures, making him an influential figure in contemporary photography.
Marcos’s commitment to his craft extends beyond individual projects. He is always eager to collaborate with companies from all corners of the globe, exploring new horizons and pushing the boundaries of creativity. Marcos’s ability to adapt and evolve has earned him accolades in various categories, both as a photographer and a film director.
In 2016, Marcos Alberti was honored with the prestigious title of “Best Photographer of the Year,” a testament to his dedication, innovation, and unmatched creative vision. His journey continues to inspire, and his lens captures moments that will forever leave a lasting impact.
Explore the world of Marcos Alberti, where architecture, film, and photography converge to create art that transcends time and space. Welcome to an extraordinary realm of visual storytelling, where Marcos’s passion for photography remains at the forefront of his remarkable career.