The clicks made during the product launch action accurately depict the feeling of pleasure and fulfillment that people experience when trying the product! After being photographed, the person will be able to access their photos through the official website of the exhibition. There will also be a physical materialization of the campaign – which will be available during the month of February at the Pinheiros, Faria Lima, Fradique Coutinho and Paulista subway stations. Magnum believes that “A day without pleasure is a day lost”, says Cristine Lu, brand marketing manager. “Capturing real people who end up being portrayed in a moment of pure pleasure and indulgence participating in this exhibition is a great invitation for everyone to indulge in these moments without fear of judgment.” There was no one better suited to this mission than photographer Marcos Alberti, known for projects that went viral on the internet and traveled the world. And it is exactly this atmosphere of spontaneity and pleasure that he registered in the action of the Magnum Praliné.

New Magnum Praliné, the perfect combination of hazelnut flavored ice cream, Belgium chocolate and caramelized hazelnuts. A unique pleasure. So unique that is impossible to describe. Therefore, we decided to show it. Magnum presents “indescribable pleasure” we invited Marcos Alberti, a photographer specialized in pleasure portraits to capture the people before and after tasting the new Magnum Praliné. Real people, real expressions. No posing, no stereotypes and not afraid of being judged. Following the leading global movement of our brand we build a studio in one of Sao Paulo’s main metro stations and took more than 13.000 photos all of them capturing reactions of pure pleasure. And with them, we created the largest exhibition ever, at yellow line of the Sao Paulo metro. Transforming those who are pure pleasure in the protagonists in the campaign. Marcos Alberti’s captures show consumers before and after tasting the new Magnum Praliné Caramelized Hazelnuts. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The New Magnum Praliné is no different. For this reason, the indescribable pleasure that consumers who passed through the subway station was portrayed by São Paulo photographer Marcos Alberti, whose potential for viral works is internationally recognized and has already reached more than 1 billion views in a single photographic project.